How to fit a multi-fuel kit into our Herald Slimline 5

How to convert a wood burning stove to a multi-fuel stove using a multi-fuel kit.

The stove used in this video is a Herald 5 Slimline, please be aware other stoves may slightly differ. Firstly open the door and remove the ash pan. Remove the upper grate bars, followed by the lower grate bars. Slide out the side plates. Next, remove the bolts from the riddling support bar with a socket wrench. (1:13) Take out the side bricks, back bricks and then the riddling support bar. Slide the cam bar out and then lift out the catch bar. Place the back bricks in followed by the side bricks. Place the wood plug over the cam bar hole and ensure there are no gaps. Thread the washers and screw the bolt in tightly. Slide in the wood front.

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