The Hunter Stoves Ltd team takes great pride and considerable care to make sure the flame products offered are designed, tested and manufactured to exacting standards and to the highest quality possible. Our goal is for you to love your purchase, year after year.

1 Year Standard Warranty
Any appliances bought through an Internet Supplier are covered for 12 months only and do not qualify for any extended warranty periods.

2 Year Standard Warranty
Any appliances bought through an authorised Hunter Stoves Ltd retailer (dealership / showroom) will automatically be covered by our standard guarantees, as follows:

  • Room Heaters (solid fuel, boiler and gas appliances) are covered by our standard 2-year conditional guarantee
  • Electric appliances are covered by our standard 2-year conditional guarantee

Hunter Stoves Ltd Extended 5 and 10 Year Warranty

The standard warranties can be extended depending on the appliance type:

  • Room Heaters – solid fuel appliances (such as wood and multifuel) can be extended to 10 years
  • Room Heaters – gas and boiler appliances can be extended to 5 years

To qualify for the extended warranty option, you need to:

  1. Register your purchase online within 2 months of purchase at  https://www.hunterstoves.co.uk/ProductRegistration
  2. Retain your proof of purchase for the duration of the total warranty period

Warranty Conditions

For the standard 2 year or extended 5 /10-year warranty to be valid and to remain in force throughout the warranty period, the following applies:

  • The appliance must have been installed by an appropriately qualified individual / engineer (from the Competent Person Scheme e.g. Hetas / Gas Safe) in accordance with the Hunter Stoves Ltd installation instructions and in compliance with any relevant national or local Building Regulations. Please visit the following links for details on the Competent Person Scheme:  https://www.gov.uk/guidance/competent-person-scheme-current-schemes-and-how-schemes-are-authorised or Gas Safe register: https://www.gassaferegister.co.uk/
  • The appliance must be registered within 2 months of purchase and the commissioning and installation documentation completed (these need to be kept by the end user)
  • For all Room Heaters (gas, boiler & solid fuel), the appliance must be serviced within 12 months of the installation date for the second year of the standard warranty to be valid, and within every 12-month anniversary thereafter to maintain the validity and coverage of any extended warranty. For this purpose, the installation and user instructions, supplied with the appliance, makes a provision for receipts and annual services to be recorded. These are needed in the event of a claim during the warranty period
  • The appliance must always be serviced by a suitably qualified individual (HETAS registered or equivalent depending on the type of appliance)
  • Hunter Stoves Ltd advises the regular (at least yearly) sweeping of the chimney to which your stove/appliance is connected (where applicable). Please retain receipts and records in the event of a claim during the warranty period
  • For all Electric appliances, it is a condition of the standard warranty that it should be properly maintained and used in accordance with the instruction manual it was delivered with
  • Only genuine Hunter Stoves Ltd spare parts or consumables can be used in the servicing and maintenance of the appliance during any standard or extended warranty period. These can be sourced from your authorised supplier or through the Hunter Stoves Ltd website. https://www.hunterstoves.co.uk/product-category/spares/
  • Any problems or issues giving rise to any claim under the standard or extended warranty must be submitted to the authorised Hunter Stoves Ltd retailer from whom you originally purchased the appliance and supporting photographic documentation provided to explain the issue. Hunter Stoves Ltd will then offer appropriate support and help through your original authorised supplier to solve any issues
  • The standard or extended warranty option is not transferable other than in the event of a property being sold in which the appliance was originally installed, and which is still within the warranty period covered. In this case, the originating purchaser of the product must notify the authorised Hunter Stoves Ltd retailer of change of ownership within 30 days of completion, providing proof of the property sale in which the appliance is installed. For this purpose, please retain the proof of purchase and pass onto the new property owner
  • The warranty period for any of the warranty schemes commences from the date of purchase

Warranty Exclusions

No warranty is extended to naturally wearing, replaceable consumables and spare parts within the appliance. However, Hunter Stoves Ltd will guarantee the good working performance of these items under normal use (as per the operational guidance provided with the appliance) for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase as stated on your invoice from a Hunter Stoves Ltd authorised retailer. Hunter Stoves Ltd reserves the right to review and assess any claims in respect to consumables and will replace/repair at our discretion. The decision of Hunter Stoves Ltd is final.

Such parts include, but are not limited to:

For Solid Fuel Stoves:
Glass and rope/ceramic seals
Fire bricks
Baffles/Throat plates
Log retainers, grate supports & catch bars
Grate parts
Clip-in Boilers

For Gas Stoves:
Gas pilot assemblies
Thermocouples and Oxy pilots
Ceramic log & coal ‘fuel -effects’

For Electric Appliances:

Paint and Surface Coverings

The paint or surface covering of the appliance will be covered for a period of 12 months after installation, provided the warranty conditions are met. However, damage due to the following events will not be covered:

  • Damage to the paint surface caused by the appliance being stored in a damp and cold environment is not covered under warranty. Please be aware that any moisture within the room where the stove is stored/installed e.g. through clothes drying, can be a cause of paint issues
  • During the initial firings of the appliance, the paint or enamel surface may change colour. This is normal and is therefore not covered under warranty
  • Through normal use, the paint surface finish may continue to change over time and may require a touch up/repaint. This practice is normal with many stoves, as such is not covered under warranty
  • Damage caused by over firing, resulting in cracking, bubbling or discolouration to the paint or enamelled surface finish is not covered under warranty


Warranty Limitations

  • Damage to the appliance due to specific local conditions caused by draft or chimney defects
  • Damage resulting from installation and use where installation is not in accordance with the Hunter Stoves Ltd instructions or local building and/or safety regulations
  • Damage or premature wear caused by burning inappropriate fuels such as Bituminous coal, “Petro-Coke” or any other Petroleum based coals. Please visit the HETAS website, www.hetas.co.uk, for a full list of approved fuels which are covered by the warranty. Fuels outside of this list are not covered by the warranty
  • Damage caused by burning material with high creosote content or any other painted/treated timber
  • Damage caused by burning wood with a moisture content above that which is recommended
  • Damage caused by over-fuelling (over-filling) of the chamber
  • Damage occurred through unauthorised modifications or repair
  • Consequential loss to associated non-Hunter Stoves Ltd products is not covered under the warranty
  • Consequential loss relating to decorations, soft furnishings or other household assets is not covered under the warranty
  • Costs associated with the removal and re-installation of an appliance subject to a warranty claim is not covered under the warranty
  • Any authorised repairs or replacements provided are covered only by the remainder of the original warranty period

Hunter Stoves Ltd total liability will only extend to the total purchase price paid for the Hunter Stoves Ltd product in any warranty claim. Hunter Stoves Ltd reserves the right to replace, repair or refund to value of goods purchased.


The Hunter Stoves Ltd extended warranty option does not affect your statutory rights.

This revised 12 month, 2-year standard or extended 5 or 10-year warranty option came into effect on 1st September 2023 and will apply to all appliances sold from that date onwards.

This standard/extended warranty applies to purchases of Hunter Stoves Ltd products within the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Purchases in all other countries are subject to the warranty conditions specified by the distributor in those markets.

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