Authorised Dealers

Hunter Stoves Ltd supports the sale and distribution of its stove/fireplace products, through this web site, and links to any of its authorised dealers. The authorised dealers are spread throughout the UK and Europe, ensuring that there is a dedicated Hunter Stoves dealer near you.

Find your closest authorised dealer to you.

When you buy from an authorised dealer, you can be sure you’re buying a genuine, factory-new product. Authorised dealers will have access to the latest product knowledge and can offer a warranty service in the event of problems.

These experienced and knowledgeable dealers have been handpicked, and have invested time and expense in all aspects of product training, ensuring that you get the very best advice to make the correct choice of product for your specific requirements.

When you have made your choice of product your local dealer can supply appropriate advice and assistance in all aspects of the installation.
With the product correctly installed your local dealer can advise on all the requirements and good practices for safe and effective performance of the appliance.

Finally, your local dealer is able to provide warranties, guarantees and servicing ensuring that you get many years of loyal service from your appliance.

These levels of after sales service and support cannot be provided when sourcing a product offered for sale on the internet at a discounted price and/or delivered from distant supplier’s warehouses. You may not receive the level of before and after sales support that you will receive from our authorised dealers when purchasing products in this way. You may not receive warranty support from such third parties.

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