How to change and adjust a quarter turn handle (old) (Telford 5 Inset)

The stove used in this video is a Telford 5 Inset, please be aware the other stoves may slightly differ. Firstly, remove the handle by unscrewing the grub screw. Next, unscrew the catch shaft from the handle. Remove the nut from the inside of the door. Ensure that your new handle has a ball bearing in as they are easily lost during transport. Insert the new catch barrel and catch collar into the door. Loosely screw the nut on. Place the handle into the catch boss and turn it from a 90 degree angle to being parallel with the door, this lines the ‘quarter turn’ ability up to the door. Tightly hold onto the handle whilst tightening the nut. Clip the new handle into the catch boss. Screw the shaft into the handle and tighten the grub screw. Make sure that the catch is positioned at a right angle to the handle. Ensure that the grub screw is flush with the handle. Unscrew the slider knobs are replace them with the new ones.

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