How to change and adjust a quarter turn handle (new) (Eco 3)

How to change and adjust a new quarter turn handle.

The stove used in this video is an Eco 3, please be aware that other stoves may slightly differ. Firstly, remove the grub screw from the old handle with a 3mm Allen key. Next, unscrew the catch shaft from the handle and leave the catch boss. Using your new handle assembly, unscrew the catch shaft from the handle. You will not need the new catch boss. clip the new handle into the catch boss. Screw the shaft into the handle and tighten the grub screw. Ensure that the catch is positioned at a right angle to the handle, this can differ depending on your stove. Firmly, screw in the grub screw. Make sure that the grub screw is flush with the handle. Try your new handle to see how tight it is to the door, in this case the handle is too tight and does not fit in the door. To fix this remove the grub screw and unscrew the catch shaft a few turns. Finally, replace the grub screw. Adjust the handle to your requirements.

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