How to change a Herald/Consort handle (Herald 5 Slimline, Double Door)

The stove used in this video is a Herald 5 Slimline, please be aware other stoves may slightly differ. Firstly, unscrew all three slider knobs and replace them with the brass ones. Open the door and place one spanner on the nut and one on the handle. Loosen them by squeezing the spanners together. Next, unscrew the handle and nut from the shaft. Close the door and ensure that the catch is in the locked position. Screw the nut back onto the shaft, tighten the nut so the rope seal is tight to the door, add the washer. Loosely screw the brass handle on. Finally, whilst holding the brass handle parallel to the door, tighten the inside bolt towards the handle. Adjust the handle to your requirements.

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