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Our wood burning stoves have been developed and refined over our 40-year history. They have become some of the most advanced stoves in the world, but because there is more to a stove than pure performance, we have continually refined our designs to find the perfect balance of lines and curves. Our wood stoves become a working part of your home, and last for decades, so we design and build them to be superior heating appliances, and works of art.

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Aspect 14 Eco

Bring your home alive with the glow of the Aspect 14 and it's toasty output of up to 15kW.

Aspect 4 Compact Eco

The Aspect 4 Compact Eco is the smallest of the Aspect Range...

Aspect 4 Double sided Double depth

An Aspect double-sided double depth stove will bring any large, open-plan space to life with it's roaring output and striking glow.

Aspect 4 Double sided Single depth

The Aspect range features a large window so you can view...

Aspect 4 Eco

The Aspect range features a large window so you can view...

Aspect 5 Compact Eco

Highly controllable, the Aspect 5 Compact Eco can change from an output...

Aspect 5 Eco

The Aspect 5 Eco is our best selling stove and features a large window so you can view...

Aspect 6 Eco

The Aspect 6 offers a truly mesmerizing view of the flames, making an alluring centerpiece in any room

Aspect 7 Eco

Curl up in front of the large landscape window of the Aspect 7 and relax to the picturesque view of the flames.

Aspect 8 Eco

The Aspect 8 Series has something to suit any space, with both a standard and slimline model available.

Aspect 8 Slimline

The biggest stove in the Aspect range, the Aspect 8 Slimline...

Aspect 80B

Not only does the Aspect 80B make a magnificent centerpiece, but it can warm your entire house with it's boiler system.

Avalon 4 Double Sided Double Depth

Perfect for open fireplaces, this stove creates a focal point across two rooms in your home.

Consort 4

Space may be tight, but there’s no need to compromise...

Di Lusso Eco Euro R4

Offering a combination of the R4's flexibility and it's...

Di Lusso Eco Euro R5

With a large view window and stylish looks the Eco Euro R5...

Di Lusso Eco R4

The Di Lusso range brings flexibility to your fingertips,...

Di Lusso Eco R5

The Di Lusso Eco R5 is the ideal addition to any room- large...

Di Lusso Eco R6

The Di Lusso R6 really is the king of stoves, thanks to...

Di Lusso Eco R6 Cube


Di Lusso Eco R6 Slimline

The Di Lusso Eco R6 really is the king of stoves, thanks to...

Hawk 4

Looking for a room heater that’s economic to run without compromising on style, consider the Hawk 4.

Hawk 4 Double sided Double depth

The Hawk 4 Double Sided stoves are perfect for drawing...

Herald Allure 4

Boasting a glorious flame picture