What is a boiler stove?

What are boiler stoves and how do they work?


A boiler is a device that produces hot water or steam by burning fuel. This is an essential part of the central heating system in most homes, providing heat to radiators and underfloor heating systems. Boiler stoves are also a type of boiler that can provide both central heating and hot water, although they tend to be more expensive than gas-powered boilers as they’re designed for smaller properties such as flats and bungalows rather than houses with large gardens where you could install a wood burning stove instead.

A wood burning/multi-fuel stove that has a built-in boiler to heat domestic hot water and/or central heating

A boiler stove is a multi-fuel stove that has a built-in boiler to heat domestic hot water and/or central heating.

It’s normally a wood burning/multi-fuel stove but it can also be used to burn other fuels if a multi-fuel conversion kit is added. In fact, they often have an additional flue pipe which runs up through your roof and allows you to vent your smoke up into the atmosphere – unlike standard stoves, which have their pipes running straight out of the back of the unit.

Wood & Multi-Fuel Boiler Stove

A wood burning boiler stove is a type of boiler stove that uses wood as the primary fuel source. Wood can be used by itself or in conjunction with coal or biofuels such as pellets and logs.

Multi-fuel boilers, on the other hand, are able to burn more than one type of fuel at once.

Boiler stoves with built-in boilers tend to be larger and more expensive than those without them because they require more parts (the separate boiler) but are also much easier to use since you don’t have to worry about keeping track of two different pieces.

The Hunter Stoves Parkray Aspect 14B Boiler Stove

The Hunter Stoves Parkray Aspect 14B Boiler Stove is a boiler stove which can be used for heating water, or for burning wood. It has the capacity to heat up a room that’s around 100 square meters, and takes approximately 15 minutes to reach its maximum temperature when there is no fire going.

The number of people who can benefit from this particular model depends on how big your house is, but generally speaking it can heat up to 16 radiators (boiling water).

Boiler stoves work by burning fuel to produce hot gasses that pass through a heat exchanger which heats the central heating and/or hot water. The combustion air is drawn up through the grate and behind the fire bricks where any dangerous gases are burnt before they are released up the flue pipe.

Boiler stoves are much more than just a stove. They’ve got a built-in boiler so you can use them as your main heating source. When we talk about boilers, we’re generally referring to multifuel boilers which can be used with gas or oil fuel. With a boiler stove, there’s no need to worry about gas or oil —you just light the log burning fire box and sit back and watch the flames while it warms your home.

Boiler stoves are designed for ease of use and comfort. With their large viewing windows, they let you see exactly how much fuel is in the stove (so you don’t run out).


Boiler stoves have become very popular in recent years as they provide an efficient way to heat your home and central heating system. They’re also ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to use oil or gas as their primary source of energy but still want a convenient way of heating water without having to use electricity. There are several different types available depending on what type of fuel you want them burning (wood, coal etc), how much heat output you need from them and even the size of room where they’ll be installed!