Hunter Stoves Positive Climate Impact

Climate Positive Impact

Our partnership with Ecologi has made a start on helping the environment within only two months. We have financed four climate-friendly initiatives worldwide and cut our carbon emissions by 23.26 metric tonnes. Additionally, we have planted 412 trees in a designated forest, which will help remove even more carbon dioxide from the environment.

Hitting milestones

We at Hunter Stoves Group and Ecologi are just getting started after reaching these milestones. We are dedicated to carrying out our current efforts to cut carbon emissions and combat climate change.

Sarah Burgess, a representative for Hunter Stoves Group remarked, “We are proud of the progress we have accomplished thus far. However, we are aware that there is still work to be done. We are dedicated to figuring out how to lessen our carbon footprint and improve the environment.”

As a wood burning stove company that is committed to sustainability, Hunter Stoves Group is dedicated to the the fight against climate change. Follow our progress here.