Giving Back To Nature

We are celebrating 5 months as a Climate Positive Workforce in association with Ecologi. In this time we have prevented 58.15 tCO2e from being emitted through 10 verified carbon avoidance projects and have also planted 880 trees!


58.15 tonnes of CO2e is equivalent to 45 long haul flights, 144,270 miles driven in a car or 174 metres squared of sea ice saved so we are making a great impact!

Hunter Stoves Group Sustainability Eco Friendly

Here is a link to all the trees we have planted and where they are across the globe:


Here are the projects we have contributed towards:


Wind power project in Thailand

Peatland restoration and conservation in Indonesia

Conserving rainforest in the Western Amazon

Capturing waste biogas for energy in Turkey

Rainforest protection in central Brazil

Distributing cleaner cookstoves in Kenya

Avoiding methane emissions from landfill in Brazil

Wind power project in Mexico

Generating electricity from landfill gas in Brazil

Capturing methane to reduce emissions and generate energy in India