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Consort 4 Double sided Single depth

See spare parts for this stove below.

Click the relevant category, for internal parts of the multifuel or Wood models.

See Door Components for parts of the door, Air controls includes secondary air components and Accessories for flue parts and conversion kits.


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Air Slider Knob

Black air slider knob
£3.50 excl tax


For Double sided Single depth multifuel stove
£37.58 excl tax

Catch Bar

Catch Bar for Hawk 4 and Consort 4 MK11, CE and CEvII models
£17.67 excl tax

Door Cover (Single door)

Single Door Cover
£8.67 excl tax

Door Handle

Door Knob for Consort Range
£2.25 excl tax

Door Handle Assembly

Complete Door Handle Assembly for Consort models
£25.00 excl tax

Door Slider (Single)

Single Door Slider
£2.58 excl tax

Glass - Contemporary (D) Door

Glass panel for Contemporary (D) Door model
£25.00 excl tax

Glass Clip and Screw (large)

Glass Clip and Screw to secure glass panel
£0.92 excl tax

Glass Gasket (Single door)

Gasket seal for single door glass panel
£5.25 excl tax


Bolt on door Hinge
£2.92 excl tax

Hinge Pin

Hinge pin with round head
£2.00 excl tax

Multifuel Conversion Kit - Consort 4 Double Sided Single Depth

To convert Consort 4 Double sided Single depth Wood only stove to Multifuel model
£120.83 excl tax

Recouping Baffle

Throat plate for CEVII model
£54.00 excl tax

Riddling Bar Lower (Double sided Single depth stove)

Lower Grate bar for Double sided single depth Multifuel stove
£5.50 excl tax

Riddling Bar Upper (Double sided Single depth stove)

Upper Grate bar for Double sided single depth Multifuel stove
£5.50 excl tax

Riddling Support

Rear grate bar support for multifuel stove
£14.67 excl tax

Rope Seal Kit - Consort 4

Door sealing kit includes glass gasket, rope for door and glue
£17.50 excl tax

Side Brick

Side brick for multifuel and wood model
£10.50 excl tax

Side Plates Hawk 4 D/S (Post 2011)

Left hand and Right hand side Plate
£26.00 excl tax

Top Air Slider Shaft

Shaft for Top Air Slider
£5.17 excl tax

Turbo Bar

Tertiary Air bar for CE and CEvII model Double Sided Double Depth
£16.67 excl tax

Turbo Bar Pin

Tertiary Air bar locating pin for Double Sided model
£5.42 excl tax

Wood Conversion Kit - Consort 4 Double sided Single depth

To convert stove from Multifuel to Wood only model
£45.83 excl tax