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Warm Living: Winter Months - Part II

Warm Living: Winter Months - Part II

Christmas may feel like a distant memory, but we’re still very much in the midst of winter. As temperatures remain unyielding in single figures and the nation braces itself against storm after storm, we’re left longing for springtime and a glimpse of the sun. Following our first warm living blog post back in December, we’re back with another hearty winter recipe, a decadent hot chocolate drink and some hot tips on how to keep your home toasty whilst we wait for winter to pass by.


Love your stove for ultimate warmth

A trusty sidekick throughout the winter, your stove is busy keeping you snug whenever the chill kicks in. Not only does its warmth caress every corner of the room, but it creates a mesmerising focal point for the whole family to gather around. Before long, your stove feels like a loyal part of the family, always there to welcome you home with its warm glow.

Such faithfulness deserves the right care and attention. Love your stove, and it will continue to keep you and your family warm, in the most efficient way.

  • With a wood burning stove, it’s essential that you burn good quality, dry wood. For optimal burning, firewood should be dried, or seasoned, until its moisture content is less than 20%. Not only is burning wet bad for the environment, it can also damage your stove and flue with a dangerous build-up of tars and creosote. Find out more about how to identify good firewood here.
  • Another way to love your stove is to provide it with genuine spare parts when the time comes to find replacements. ‘Keep it Hunter’ and visit our dedicated Spares pages.


January recipe: Persian lamb tagine

For those chilly winter evenings, you really can’t beat a cosy night in with your wood burner roaring and a hearty, wholesome meal on the go. This spiced Persian lamb tagine is the perfect winter warmer, plus it’s gluten-free!   

Recipe courtesy of BBC Good Food.


Slow cooker hot chocolate

Hot chocolate – a classic family favourite to sweeten any grey winter day. This delicious winter warmer is like a big hug from the inside, perfect for comfy nights in. We’ve seen lots of decadent hot chocolate recipes sweeping across the internet this winter, many of them using a slow cooker to prepare the perfect cup of cocoa. Check out this recipe from Turn On Your Creativity for the ultimate drinkable treat!

And if you want an even more decadent hot chocolate, why not add some honeycomb shavings, crumbled biscuit and chocolate sauce to the top!


We’d love to hear your hints and tips for staying warm this winter. Tweet us @HunterStovesGrp or leave a comment on our Facebook page @HunterStovesGroup. And don’t forget to share your warm living photos across social media, using #HunterWinterWarmers.

And if you’re looking for ways to make your home winter-ready, why not check out our eight top tips on how to get that cosy feeling this season.

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