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Upcoming Trends For 2019

Upcoming Trends For 2019

It seems we have arrived at that point in the year, 2018 feels as though it’s coming to a close. Self-reflection is a common theme, but now feels like the perfect time to look towards the future and see what interior trends we can expect throughout 2019.


Natural Elements…Eco Friendly Interior

With the government coming under increased pressure to reduce the nations environmental impact, more and more people are taking steps towards reducing their carbon footprint and single use products. We should be seeing more recycled, repurposed and sustainable design elements. From flooring to furnishings, people are starting to consider long term sustainability. Bring the outside in with more indoor plants that double up as your own personal air filters and create beautiful features throughout the home.

Vertical Garden

Image Credit: iredzine

Matte Finishes

2018 paved the way for rich, striking colour schemes but now it seems black is once again back. This time, matte black finishes are set to dominate kitchen and bathroom interiors. We’ll be seeing lots of monochrome and the ever popular scandi style incorporated with this. Think fixtures, tableware, cabinets and accessories. Matte black works perfectly in both modern and more traditional settings, so if you only have one matte black feature in you home, why not make it one of our stoves?

Aspect 5 Stove


Fireplaces Everywhere

Thought your fireplace was reserved for the living room? It may be time to think again. More and more people are looking to place their stoves in less conventional places. Imagine the warmth and luxury of a fireplace heating your bathroom or bedroom. Not only does it provide functionality, but it adds a striking focal point to other rooms in the house.

Nordstrand Stove


Boho Is Back

Quite possibly, it never really left. If matte black doesn’t quite take your fancy, why not give your home a touch of character with some tried and tested Boho stylings?

Boho Interior Design

Image Credit: Plush Design Interiors


So, there we have it, just some of our picks for 2019. For more design and home inspiration you can check out our Pinterest and Instagram feeds. Feel free to share your design inspirations and projects with #HunterHouseInspo.

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