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Six things to do when spending a rainy day inside with the kids

Six things to do when spending a rainy day inside with the kids

It’s the weekend, the kids are off from school and you had a wonderful day planned roaming around outside, but although there might have been a spell of abnormally good weather, this is the UK and the skies can open up at any moment. So, what to do now? It’s wet and muddy and if the kids play video games for another minute, their brains will turn to mush.


Here are the top six things to do when you’re stuck at home with the kids on a rainy day  


1)      Board games – Even though they might lack the flash and the playing speed of modern video games, these trusted, time tested means of entertainment are just what you need if you’re spending a whole day inside with the kids. Options include classics like: Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Pictionary, Scrabble and of course, if you’re feeling flexible, Twister! To add your own personal touch, make up special rules like whoever loses has to take the bins out for a whole week. For a modern twist, try filming each other’s reactions when you win or lose a round and then make a short film on one of the many editing apps available out there!


2)      Baking – Baking might not be number one on your kids’ list of fun things to do, but that is probably because they have never considered the fun in it, and the cakes, muffins, cookies involved. To pull this one off you might need to add a bit of role playing. Why not pretend you are in a professional kitchen or that they are contestants on Great British Bake Off? And what about funny shaped cookies? The options are limitless.


3)      Put on a play – Well if you can’t make it to the theatre, the theatre has to come to you. So why not put on a play with your children. Only have one child? Well then there are already two of you! Ideally, you’d write the play yourselves, but if you feel like the blank page is too daunting, there are plenty of resources online to help.


4)      Popcorn and a movie – Who doesn’t like this combination? A rainy day is a perfect day to snuggle up on the sofa and watch a movie. With so many streaming services, the difficulty with this one is to get everyone to agree on what to watch. To make this a real treat we suggest buying unpopped corn kernels and cooking your own popcorn. You can be creative and add any number of spices!  


5)      Cleaning the house (and the wood stove!)

Hopefully you already have a wood stove, but if you still don’t then you can stick to cleaning the house. You can always have a look at our selection of stoves and find a retailer near you. Now, cleaning has a bad connotation even, or especially, in kids’ minds; so, what we suggest here is some sort of reward system. The best way to go about motivating them is by turning the whole thing into a competition.

A good way of doing this is by assigning an area to each one of them and then you, as the head judge, decides which area has been cleaned the best.

Ice cream is the classic reward! But kids do love hard currency, so we’re sure they take pounds. A trip to the movies would be a prize to fight for – winner picks the movie!


6)      Hide and seek

Well this is a classic. To make the game faster and harder, limit the area to a section of the house. This will reduce the hiding places and will require some measure of creativity, it will also make the game funnier, especially when you try hide behind a flimsy little chair in the living room. If there are enough children, say your kids have friends over that day, it is a good idea to divide them into teams, this will keep them engaged!


Another idea is to try and do all six of these suggestions in one day! You’d be sure they’d sleep well that night…and so would you!


Note: We didn’t include pillow fights because we thought you probably cherished your pillows too much! 



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