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Minimal Luxury in 2018: Design Hacks for Every Room of the House

Minimal Luxury in 2018: Design Hacks for Every Room of the House

Having a minimal, pared-down home that places precedence on empty space and clean lines is an interior design dream for many people. Combining a minimalist home aesthetic with some splashes of luxury is the ultimate in uncomplicated sophistication. Together with our guest bloggers at 1 Click Bathrooms, we’re sharing a handful of interior design hacks that’ll help you nail this sought-after style in every room of your house.


A calmer living space

A minimal living room fit to luxuriate in isn’t complete without a contemporary-style stove to warm the space. Having a stove with smooth, modern lines gives the elemental simplicity of the fire space to express itself. Hunter’s Cleanburn range brings the cool, minimalist elegance of simple Scandinavian style into your home, with sleek lines and chic, understated designs.


Cleanburn Norreskoven Euro


Combining this with the right style of furniture is critical. The epitome of minimal luxury is Scandinavian-inspired furniture, which places priority upon functionality over aesthetic flourish. Having a functional coffee table that doubles as storage, for example, results in the easy application of minimalist ideals on your home, as it will be far easier to declutter.

Focus on a high-quality wood finish in lieu of excessive patterning, just as Scandinavian designers do, and you’ll be well on your way to a minimalist living room. However, it’s important to stress that minimal luxury doesn’t have to mean removing too many items from your rooms - retaining characterful features is an absolute must for a real lived-in luxe feel.


A luxe bathroom

From the shower to the bathroom taps, your bathroom can easily be overhauled to adhere to a minimal luxury aesthetic. After a swift declutter of the space, add some luxury focal points such as some modern waterfall taps or a rain shower head. Making these the stylistic focal points of the room is essential in a small, functional space such as the bathroom.

In terms of the overall aesthetic of the bathroom, using white or off-white tiles to give the room a bright, clean feel can add to the minimalist vibe, especially if you’re replacing a dated aesthetic. It’s important to prevent the space from feeling too austere and clinical, though - and including a few strategically chosen patterned tiles amongst the plain ones is an easy and effective way to retain personality in this stripped-back space.


A better night’s sleep

From a basic organisational standpoint, having a tidy bedroom is a luxury in itself. Storage solutions could be as simple as a few boxes stashed under the bed - or, for a more premium option, you may wish to consider a built-in wardrobe.

Having seamless storage that’s integrated with the walls of your home leaves more space for just about anything, and it’s proven that a tidier bedroom leads to a better night’s sleep - a true luxury in our eyes!


A crisp kitchen

Kitchens are one of the spaces that are most receptive to a minimal luxury overhaul, and the principles are much the same as those that apply in the bathroom. Embracing the smooth lines of an induction hob to go alongside a crisp white ceramic worktop is a great place to start in terms of the surfaces. To add to the smooth, clutter-free aesthetic, consider hiding appliances like fridge-freezers and washing machines behind cupboard doors - transforming your kitchen into a blank canvas waiting for culinary inspiration to be painted upon it.



Image source: Deborah Cortelazzi on Unsplash


It’s very important that your minimalist overhaul doesn’t come at the cost of removing your home’s characterful features or not being able to find space for cherished heirlooms. So, while taking these tips on board, make sure you retain your own unique essence and create a home fit for decades of cherished memories.


If you’ve got any design hacks for maintaining a minimalist style in your home, share them with us on social media. Tweet us @HunterStovesGrp using #HunterHomeHacks.

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