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Internal Parts for Eco 3 Multifuel model

All Internal parts below are for a multifuel version of this stove.

See Door components for all parts of the door, Air Controls for secondary air components, Accessories for flue parts and optional extra's .

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Ashpan for Lovenholm, Norreskoven, Eco 3 and Eco 5 multifuel stoves
£31.24 inc VAT

Baffle Back (supersedes HCE06021)

Steel Baffle back for Lovenholm, Norreskoven and Eco 3
£9.01 inc VAT

Brick - Baffle

Baffle Bricks for steel baffle back (two needed)
£5.42 inc VAT

Cam Bar

Front riddling bar that supports grate bars in multifuel stove
£18.08 inc VAT

Rear Brick

Rear brick for MKII Multifuel models
£21.79 inc VAT

Riddling Bar Lower

Lower Grate bar for Multifuel stove
£7.20 inc VAT

Riddling Bar Upper

Upper Grate bar for Multifuel stove
£7.20 inc VAT

Riddling Support

Rear steel grate support for multifuel stove
£23.58 inc VAT

Side Brick

Side Brick for Multifuel MKII models
£21.79 inc VAT

Side Plate - Left hand

Left hand side plate
£21.34 inc VAT

Side Plate - Right hand

Right hand side plate
£21.34 inc VAT

Turbo Bar

Tertiary Air bar for CE and CEvII models
£48.25 inc VAT