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Hunter Stoves Group celebrates turning 21!

Hunter Stoves Group celebrates turning 21!

Hunter Stoves Group has finally reached the big 2-1, which means we can legally buy a drink in the USA, get a pilot’s licence in England to fly commercial aeroplanes, and even supervise learner drivers. The world is our oyster. But what we really want to celebrate is a generation of being at the forefront of research, development and innovation in the manufacturing industry. From a small, rather dishevelled looking factory just outside of Exeter, to being one of the UK’s leading wood stove manufacturers today, Hunter Stoves Group has come a long way. We’ve achieved great things in partnership with our wonderful network of dealers, and have big plans for the future.

We celebrated our 21st anniversary as a business with an evening of celebrations, launching our brand new, seven-room mezzanine showroom. The evening saw some of our local dealers, staff members and friends of the business gather together to reflect on our growth and look ahead to what the future holds for wood stove manufacturing. We even hosted a ‘Name The Stove’ game, which saw party guests journeying through each room of our stunning mezzanine floor, trying to name each of the 33 stoves on display. As well as a range of delicious canapés and drinks, there was also birthday cake aplenty.

Paul Grimes, Managing Director of Hunter Stoves Group, said a few words to mark the special occasion, drawing in particular on our commitment to investing in research and development, collaborating with partners such as the University of Exeter on industry leading research.

He said, “At Hunter Stoves Group we’ve always aimed to be at the cutting edge of industry and, after 21 years of growth, I’m confident that we have achieved that and have an excellent product range that our customers love.”

Paul went on to add, “Our commitment to research and development is central to our business and ensures that we continue to innovate, whilst our ever evolving manufacturing capabilities mean that we can respond quickly to the demands of the market so that there is the perfect Hunter Stoves product for every home.”

Hunter’s most recent project is a collaboration with the University of Exeter, researching modelling combustion, highly innovative work that will have a monumental impact on product design for stoves and wood burners. Professor Gavin Tabor from the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences at the University of Exeter, who leads this research, joined us for our birthday celebrations and spoke about this industry leading research project.

He said “This is a very exciting industry-driven research challenge to be working on, and an excellent opportunity to collaborate with such a key manufacturer in the Exeter area. PhD student Adam Azenić and I have been exploring the industrial applications of Computational Fluid Dynamics, including their use in wood stove combustion modelling. It’s a great example of how physics and engineering can be used to establish environmental sustainability within manufacturing”.

We were delighted that both Professor Tabor and PhD student, Adam, were able to attend our celebrations. It was a great opportunity to share news of the project with our local dealers and highlight the brilliant innovative research that is being done in Exeter.

We’d like to thank all those who came along to our birthday celebrations. We had a wonderful evening and hope everyone enjoyed seeing our new trade showroom. Take a look at the gallery below to see some photos from the evening.  



Hunter Stoves Cake  
Guess the Stove Prize Winner Cutting the Cake Viewing Stove  
 Hunter Stoves Champagne    

Professor. Tabor talk



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