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It’s arrived at that time of year again; the clocks have changed, we’ve dug out our winter jackets and want to drink hot chocolate by our wood burning stove. But in order to transform our homes into a winter wonderland we must first check that our beloved stove is in full working order…so here at Hunter Stoves we’ve put together a ‘how to guide’ to make sure you don’t have to endure any icy cold weather this winter.

Make sure the ash pan is cleaned out of all the debris. So as to save your everyday hoover we recommend investing in a specific ash filter which will stop it becoming block from all the fine ash particles.
Give the air-holes a check to keep them free from any debris building up; this will make sure there is a constant flow of oxygen to your fire so it’s as efficient as possible.
Don’t forget about the firebricks, look for any signs of damage or wearing, as these reflect the heat back to the fire therefore protecting the body of the stove and improving its effectiveness.
Squeaky clean! Use stove glass cleaner to clean the glass of your stove, not only does this let you see your roaring fire but also removes a build-up of dangerous creosote.
If you have a wood burning stove you should make sure that your chimney is cleaned by a reputable chimney sweep!

IMPORTANT: test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.
Check the condition of your stoves door and especially the rope seal around the edge of the door. If it is old or worn you should get it replaced.

AND then…bring in some seasoned wood to keep it dry and ready to use.
Begin by gradually lighting small fires to warm your stove up, to ensure that the heat infuses into it so that it doesn’t expand too rapidly and crack.

FINALLY, kick back and relax next to your cosy stove.

There we have it, for any further information then please contact your local retailer or alternatively take a look the Hunter Stoves Group's YouTube channel.

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