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Home is Where the Hearth is

Home is Where the Hearth is

Our ‘Home is Where the Hearth is’ gallery celebrates all our lovely stoves in your beautiful homes. When shopping around for stoves, it’s sometimes difficult to think about the potential for them to fit in with the style of your home. Although retailers do a good job in replicating a homely feel in their showrooms, it’s not quite the real thing. This is why we’ve put together a helpful gallery showcasing how customers have installed their stoves to complement their interiors, and what they think of their stove's performance.


From contemporary to classic, our stoves fit a range of interior styles – just as our gallery shows! We’d love to showcase as many installations as possible, so if you’d like to be included, it’s really simple. Just take a picture, post it on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #HearthWarmingHunter and we’ll re-post on our social accounts. Or, you can send the picture directly to us via


Thank you to everyone who’s shared their photos so far. Here’s a few of our recent favourites …




"Paddy (big dog), Stanley (little dog) and James the cat love laying together in front of our stove. It's really easy to use, looks fantastic and keeps the whole house toasty warm. Perfect to get cosy through the long cold winter." - Victoria

Avalon 5 Slimline


"We absolutely love the Aspect 4, especially the huge viewing window which makes it feel more modern. For a smaller stove it throws off a lot of heat so we are always cosy and we're so happy with it, our dog absolutely loves to curl up in front of it." - Sammi and Liam

Parkray Aspect 4





"We couldn't be any more pleased than we already are with our stove, it is beautiful, functional and economical!" - Andrew

Cleanburn Skagen 6 


"It's the best thing we ever did getting the stove, it's so easy to clean and maintain and gives off incredible heat, and as you can see my dog loves it. And of course there was no better way of staying warm and cosy in the recent snow falls." - Sam

Herald 5 CE



Check out all the stoves we offer here, and follow us on Instagram for some on-trend home design inspiration.  

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12/01/2020 16:13
hi, we bought a parkray inset chevlin in may 2019 and used it a couple of times untill the summer and then started using it full time in October. I cant tell you how disappointed we are in the stove and the company. Firstly the ridling bar bent which meant we cant riddle the fire without the grate bars falling off, which then means we have to let the fire go out and put it back together again. we found that we couldn't keep the fire in overnight and the door wouldn't close. The company suggested after repeated calls and emails from us to get the installers to look at it. They found that the air vent was incorrectly fitted by the manufacturer as was the door handle. The riddling bar remains bent and the company want us to purchase a new one. On the whole the fire is inefficient badly made uses a massive amount of fuel and the company wont respond to complaints. Blooming good luck to you if you are considering buying one of their products !!!!