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Freestanding Stoves

All Hunter Stoves Group's ranges are composed by a unique selection of freestanding stoves. They come in different shapes and sizes and are designed and built to perform and last. Each of our freestanding stove models has different characteristics, and almost all of our stoves are available as wood and multi-fuel burners. From the Herald’s traditionally British look, to the Cleanburn’s blend of British – Scandinavian design, we have continually focussed on enhancing our stove design and performance. Each of our ranges is composed of distinctive, high performance, freestanding stove models. 

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Aspect 14 Eco

Bring your home alive with the glow of the Aspect 14 and it's toasty output of up to 15kW.

Aspect 4 Compact Eco

The Aspect 4 Compact Eco is the smallest of the Aspect Range...

Aspect 4 Double sided Double depth

An Aspect double-sided double depth stove will bring any large, open-plan space to life with it's roaring output and striking glow.

Aspect 4 Double sided Single depth

The Aspect range features a large window so you can view...

Aspect 4 Eco

The Aspect range features a large window so you can view...

Aspect 4 Gas

The epitome of elegance and ease...

Aspect 5 Compact Eco

Highly controllable, the Aspect 5 Compact Eco can change from an output...

Aspect 5 Eco

The Aspect 5 Eco is our best selling stove and features a large window so you can view...

Aspect 6 Eco

The Aspect 6 offers a truly mesmerizing view of the flames, making an alluring centerpiece in any room

Aspect 7 Eco

Curl up in front of the large landscape window of the Aspect 7 and relax to the picturesque view of the flames.

Aspect 7 Gas

With a flame picture that's equally as impressive as that of its wood burning counterpart

Aspect 8 Eco

The Aspect 8 Series has something to suit any space, with both a standard and slimline model available.

Avalon 4

Well groomed and hard-working – you don’t see that often...

Avalon 4 Gas

Beautifully combining the timeless, stylish aesthetics of the Avalon range with advanced gas fire technology

Avalon 6 Gas

An elegant addition to your living space

Avalon Compact 5

The best-looking compact stove in the county?...

Avalon Slimline 5

Enjoy a little bit of the high life...

Avalon Slimline 8

This meticulous slimline design means you don't need to compromise on performance because of spacing issues.

Consort 15

If you are looking for a generous stove to manage the demands...

Consort 4

Space may be tight, but there’s no need to compromise...

Consort 5 Compact

Planning an intimate gathering by firelight? The chic Compact...

Consort 5 Gas

The Consort 5 Gas is a small stove with a big heart...

Consort 5 Slimline

If you have limited space, there’s no need to lower...

Consort 5 Standard

The Consort 5 is a big designer statement. Sleek and chic,...