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Food In Front Of The Fire

Food In Front Of The Fire

The autumn/winter season is now well under way and with it comes the darker, colder nights. Whilst many people are flocking to the warmth of a local pub fire, we lucky stove owners needn’t stray further than the living room or kitchen.


Soup & Stew

The perfect antidote to a winter cold, packed full of veggie goodness! Snuggle up with a slice of hot buttered toast, your favorite pair of slippers and enjoy a range of different soup and stew options. Great in a slow cooker for a low fuss dinner ready when you get home. You could even cook up a fresh batch on your wood burning stove if you want the full experience.


Image Credit: Photo by Jade Aucamp on Unsplash 



Planning a romantic evening with a loved one or just fancy a treat? Fondue is a perfect cold weather snack for friends and partners to enjoy together. Sweet or savory, the choice is yours. 


Image Credit: Photo by angela pham on Unsplash


Indoor Skillet S’mores

A fun idea for all the family and the perfect sweet winter treat. S’mores are an American classic and for good reason. If you feel like the microwave won’t do it justice but don’t have an open fire to roast them on fear not, this skillet s’more recipe is the perfect solution.

S'mores Skillet

Image Credit: The Spruce


Hot Chocolate

So, it’s not quite food but when a cup of tea just won’t quite do, we often turn to hot chocolate for the ultimate comfort drink. Leftover marshmallows from your s’mores recipe? Why not turn your hot chocolate into a luxury one! Settle down in front of the fire and take comfort that your biggest decision for the next hour is if you’re going to have another one.

Hot Chocolate

Image Credit: Photo by Alina Kovalchuk on Unsplash


Whether you’re planning a romantic evening, spending some quality family time at home or just keeping warm, your fireplace is the perfect spot to tuck into some homemade grub.


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