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Eco Design 2022


 Eco Design

Eco Design - Your questions answered



Are woodburning stoves going to be banned?

No. There are no proposals or legislations to support this idea.


What is Ecodesign 2022 legislation?


A Government backed and European-wide programme designed to lower emissions and improve the UK's air quality. The Ecodesign regulations will set new efficiency requirements for all stoves. Only stoves that have been tested and approved will be sold and installed within the UK after 2022.


What is different about an Ecodesign Ready stove?


An incredibly efficient and economic new design. Benefiting from at least 80% efficiency which means you'll be saving on fuel and helping improve our air quality at the same time! Our Ecodesign models will still have the same superior performance and stunning exteriors to perfectly match your home.


Will Ecodesign rules still apply after Brexit?

 Yes. The Ecodesign legislation will be written into UK law even when we leave the EU. This means stove manufacturers have a commitment to improving our air quality, which is something Hunter Stoves Group are proud to be a part of.


If i purchase a non-ecodesign stove or have an exisiting stove in place will this have to be replaced?

No, the new legislation will only apply to new stoves on the market after 1st January 2022. This means, you can keep your current stove without having to worry. If you ever need to replace your appliance in the future after 2022, this will then need to comply with Ecodesign.

Is it true that woodburning stoves create a lot of emissions?

No, this is not a true reflection of stove emissions. The figures given in the press include open fires, incineratores and bonfires, as well as stoves. Particulates from stoves are only attributed to around 3%.


Hunter Stoves recommendations for a cleaner, more efficient, burn:

• Have the stove fitted by a qualified registered installer.
• Correct and effective use of the air controls on your stove.
• Use of quality dry wood.
• Maintenance of stove and flueways/chimneys.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Ecodesign approved - Di Lusso Eco R5

Ecodesign Di Lusso wood stove


Ensure the wood you are using has a moisture content of less than 20% (12 to 15% is recommended for the most efficient burn).

Burning wet or unseasoned wood will create excess smoke emissions, tar deposits in the stove and chimney, and will not produce a satisfactory heat output. Use seasoned hardwood rather than softwoods due to them having denser properties.
You would need twice the amount of softwood to produce the same amount of heat as hardwood. Some softwoods produce a larger amount of smoke.
Hardwoods burn for a longer period of time which means you do not have to top up as much. Resinous (wet/oily) wood produces a lot more smoke.

Look for the Woodsure Ready to Burn logo to ensure the wood is the right quality and moisture content for the appliance.