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Eco Ranges

Eco Ranges

With the Government unveiling the new Clean Air Strategy earlier this year and air pollution levels coming under increased scrutiny, environmental issues have been at the forefront of Hunter Stoves’ development. We’re committed to protecting the environment we live in, developing solutions that allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a top of the range stove without having to worry about emissions. You may have thought your options were limited, but here’s just a small selection of our best and most environmentally conscious stoves and ranges.

Starting with the most obvious choice, our Di Lusso Eco range has just been approved to Eco Design standards (these are the most stringent emissions standards in Europe and only come into effect in 2022.) Where style meets technology, the Di Lusso Ecos boast the most modern stove design and couple it with one of the fireboxes that produces the lowest emissions on the market. 


The Eco-Ideal range is a DEFRA approved multi-fuel stove. The DEFRA approval means that it’s permissible for anyone living in Smoke Control areas. Efficient and stylish with a broad range of sizes, there’s an Eco stove to suite any room.


Cleanburn offers the latest in Norwegian and Swedish design. The Lovenholm Traditional stove passes the strictest Norwegian standards, maintains a traditional look with modern day performance and is one of Cleanburns bestselling stoves.


The Avalon range is a DEFRA approved range that utilizes the latest Cleanburn Technology, lowering emissions, giving you performance and fuel economy. The Avalon 4 Double Sided Single Depth stove was one of the first double sided stoves to be DEFRA approved.


Parkray models ensure low emissions and maximum efficiency, so no need to worry if you live in a Smoke Control area. The Consort 7 is a fantastic mid-range option whilst models such as the Aspect 80B have the option to add a boiler, providing you with excellent value for money.


Jetmaster 16i, 18i, 50i and 60i stoves are space efficient, economical and integrate effortlessly in any home. DEFRA approved so you know that your comfort isn’t costing the environment.


If traditional is what you’re looking for The Herald range of stoves are an excellent choice and have been updated with the latest technology and certified to meet CE requirements. The Herald 8 is one of the longest running models, DEFRA approved and a beautiful example of a more traditional stove.


To find out more about how we’re committed to keeping the environment clean, we’ve devoted a whole page to keep you up to date with our plans. If you’re looking to find out how you can be more environmentally conscious with your fuel, why not take a look at the How to Identify Good Firewood guide.