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Dressing your fireplace for the Christmas period

Dressing your fireplace for the Christmas period

There are loads of pre-made mantle decorations around, but they don’t always fit your space or price point. It’s relatively easy to create professional-looking garlands using materials from your own garden.

We’re going to outline how to create a fab Christmas garland for your own mantel piece for next to no cost.



Step 1: Greenery as a foundation

To begin making the garland gather some evergreen shrubbery; fir, holly, ivy or bay would work perfectly. Wire these pieces together to create volume and a symmetrical foundation, with some pieces overhanging the mantel at the edges to give the garland a natural look; this will frame your woodburner nicely too. Alternatively, if you haven’t got access to fresh greenery you can also achieve an authentic look with a store-bought garland.


Here would also be a good place to add a twinkle by intertwining a string of lights with the garland. However, we’ve used candles.


Step 2: Candles

Candles can add a cosy feel to your fireplace, but if you’re planning on lighting them remember to be careful about positioning the candles near foliage. When it comes to arranging ornaments and accessories there is no hard and fast rule, but in general it’s always a good idea to give a nod to symmetry or create a visual triangle, where the highest point in the design falls in the centre. This will really set off your stove, as a symmetrical design will highlight the symmetry in your fireplace.


Step 3: Berries & Baubles

Holly berries are a classic accessory and can add a burst of colour to your new focal point. You can also add baubles, either by hanging them off or nestling them within the foliage. But remember to colour coordinate with the rest of your Christmas decorations and the room to make sure your decorations have a cohesive look.


Step 4: Extras

Here is where you can make your garland fit in perfectly with your style, your room and your fireplace. Below are some examples of what else could be included:


  • Dried orange slices can add some colour and scent to your space.
  • Ribbons, either tied into bows or one piece entangled with the greenery, offer more colour and will also frame the fire.
  • Spraying fake snow on the shrubbery will shout Christmas and lighten the design.


And there you have it, time to sit back and relax in front of your new mantel piece, framing your cosy wood burner. We'd love to see photos of your DIY fireplace garlands - share them with us across social media using #HunterAtChristmas.


Check out our Pinterest where we’ve collated a board of some other great ideas to dress your fireplace for Christmas, and be sure to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with our blog posts and customer installations.

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