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Creating a cutting-edge open-plan kitchen and living area in 2018

Creating a cutting-edge open-plan kitchen and living area in 2018

No matter if you live in a small flat or a townhouse, most homeowners would like a little extra space to allow them to realise their interior design ambitions. A solution to this is to liberate your living space from restrictive walls, leaving you free to create an open-plan space, where soft furnishings and granite worktops are seamlessly wedded together to form an ergonomic, flexible living space.

A home like this is the dream for many, but pulling it off is another matter entirely - one that requires careful planning and a few tips and considerations like those listed below.


Think ergonomically

You’ve just taken a sledgehammer to your living space. Feels good, doesn’t it? All the light is flooding in and half your home’s interior is rubble on the floor. So, what next?

The design stage, of course.

A key tip is to make sure you design a space that works by thinking about where those walls used to be, as you need to keep these divisions in mind while planning out where your kitchen and living area will be situated.

The next step is to visualise your new extra large room populated by people doing different things, and how they can use the space comfortably. Guests relaxing in the living space need to be kept a distance away from somebody cooking in the kitchen area - this is simply to reduce instances of them getting in each other’s way. People carrying out different tasks while occupying the same space isn’t ideal, and is the hallmark of a disorganised room.

A key consideration to remember with regards to the kitchen segment of your open-plan area is to always position the fridge, cooker and sink close together, so the cooking process can be super efficient!


Provide a simple colour palette

You need to create some semblance of harmony in your space, and choosing the best colours is critical. Employing light, airy pastel shades to subtly denote the different zones of your open-plan space is the way to go.

While bold, sharp primary colours might be an eye-catching choice at first, they can swiftly become somewhat of an eyesore after a while, de-harmonising the room. Easy-on-the-eye pastels, on the other hand, blend perfectly with stainless steel appliances and can promote a relaxed vibe in the living area.


Bring the light in

It’s imperative that your open-plan space includes at least one source of natural light - be it a large window or a set of patio doors. Having natural light coming in all year round will attune the space to the rhythms of the seasons - whether that’s eating breakfast during winter sunrise or letting the summer evening light linger for as long as possible.

A living area that flows from a kitchen/dining area to a living area and out to a patio is an essential upgrade for a terraced house, and one that will evoke relaxed Mediterranean living once the sun comes out.


Image: Pixabay


Think about a hearth

There’s a danger that an open-plan living space will be too diffuse, lacking a focal point that friends and family can gather around. Investing in a contemporary wood burning stove can give you a traditional focal point within a modern design that could well be the pièce de résistance of your home - and one you might not immediately think of if your renovation is taking place in the summer months.

After all, an open-plan space is all about removing the barriers between rooms, bringing the family together. We believe there’s no better way to do this than getting the family round a crackling stove on cold winter nights, giving you and your clan the hearty warmth only a wood-burning stove can provide.


Image: Cleanburn Norreskoven


Of course, the most important piece of inspiration you should draw from is your own creativity and lifestyle. If you’re forever eating quick meals, then consider adding a breakfast bar, or if you like to entertain then placing more of a focus on a lavish living area is the way to go. Ultimately, it’s all up to you!


If you’ve got any design hacks for open-plan spaces, we'd love to hear them! Share them with us on social media. Tweet us @HunterStovesGrp using #HunterHomeHacks.

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