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Consort 9 Central Heating

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For multifuel Herald 8 and Consort 9 stoves
£51.71 inc VAT

Baffle (Supersedes Brick Baffle HHR08151)

Throat plate for CE model
£60.26 inc VAT

Cam Bar

Front riddling bar that supports grate bars in multifuel stove
£26.22 inc VAT

Catch Bar

Catch Bar for Consort 9 and Consort 15 Multifuel stoves
£38.40 inc VAT

Deflector, Top Air (Double Door)

Deflector, Top Air (Double Door)
£25.46 inc VAT

Door Cover (Double Door)

Door Cover (Double Door)
£21.59 inc VAT

Door Cover (Single Door)

Door Cover (Single Door)
£42.94 inc VAT

Door Handle Assembly

Complete Door Handle Assembly for Consort models
£14.52 inc VAT

Door Knob

Door Knob
£6.18 inc VAT

Door Slider (Double Door)

Door Slider (Double Door)
£7.34 inc VAT

Glass - Double Door

Glass panel for Double door model
£42.38 inc VAT

Glass - Single Door

Glass Panel for Single Door model
£84.02 inc VAT

Glass Gasket (Double Door)

Gasket seal for Double door Glass panel
£3.60 inc VAT

Glass Gasket (Single Door)

Glass gasket seal for Single door model
£6.00 inc VAT


£6.47 inc VAT

Log and Catch Bar (Double Door)

Wood Front for wood only model
£50.11 inc VAT