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Chevin 20B Inset

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Ashpan for Inset 20B multifuel models
£66.76 inc VAT


Throat Plate for Inset 20B models
£60.26 inc VAT

Cam Bar Assembly

Riddling bar that grate bars sit on in Multifuel stoves
£24.12 inc VAT

Catch Bar (Single Door)

Catch Bar for Inset 20B models
£42.00 inc VAT

Glass - Double door

Glass panel for Double door Sonderskoven model
£56.25 inc VAT

Glass - Single door (New type door)

Glass panel for Single door model with new type door
£93.90 inc VAT

Glass Gasket - Single door (New type door)

Gasket seal for single door glass panel on new type door
£7.80 inc VAT

Glass Gasket (Double Door)

Gasket seal for Double Door Sonderskoven glass panel
£5.63 inc VAT

Handle Assembly (Single door) Black

Complete Quarter Turn Handle Assembly for single door Inset 5
£27.00 inc VAT


Bolt on Hinge
£5.15 inc VAT

Hinge Pin

Hinge pin with round head
£1.20 inc VAT

Rear Grate Support

Rear Grate Support for Inset 20B Models
£41.60 inc VAT