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In this modern age we are all guilty of walking into a shop, falling in love with something but thinking in the back of our mind…“I’m sure I can find it cheaper online”. But the question is what are you sacrificing for that cheaper price? Here, at the Hunter Stoves Group we only trade with our authorised dealers and as a result have an exceptionally strong relationship with them. The quality of our products combined with our dealer’s customer service, from picking your stove to installation, cannot be rivalled by buying your stove online.

All of our products can be registered and automatically have a 2 year warranty, which can even be extended to a 5 year or 10 year warranty depending on the model type (5 years- Boiler models, 10 years- Room heaters and Gas models). However, if our product is bought via an internet supplier, or through an unauthorised stockist, only the 1 year statuatory warranty will apply and the stove will not qualify for any extended 5 or 10 year warranty.

Furthermore, stoves are quite technical appliances that must be installed legally by a competent HETAS approved engineer (other competent persons schemes are available), and in accordance with the legally binding Building Regulations. When the correct stove is chosen, and correctly installed, you will also need a “Certificate of installation”. When you sell your house or should you ever have an insurance claim relating to the stoves installation. Buying online can work against these key requirements, and cause unnecessary stress in the long run.

So to summarise, although you might save and extra £100 on a stove online…is this saving really worth it? When you can receive impeccable sales advice and customer service through one of our dealers, who can also organise the installation of your stove and help you, should there be any problems along the way. We have heard stories from customers that have simply had their stove dumped outside their house, without the burly guys that our dealers can organise to install your stove…now try lifting a cast iron stove…still worth the saving? I think not!

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