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A Stove to Match Your Style

A Stove to Match Your Style

So, you’ve decided that a wood burning stove is the perfect interior investment for your home, but you’re not sure on which style to go for? With so many brands available, it can be a maze working out which type of stove would suit your house best. Fear not though, at Hunter Stoves we are experts in matching stoves to the style you’re looking for, so we thought we’d put together a helpful guide using some of our most popular ranges to give you a little inspiration. 



There’s nothing quite like a clean, crisp and fresh space to make you feel relaxed, and this is exactly what the minimalist interior style will bring to your home. With the recent surge in Scandi interior popularity, the style is set to stay. Paring things down to basics can do wonders for your lifestyle, stress levels and bank balance, leaving your home with the perfect balance of zen. If this is the style you love, then our Cleanburn range is the perfect accompaniment for your house. 

Cleanburn Nørreskoven Euro


Each stove brings the cool, minimalist elegance of simple Scandinavian style to your home. Combining this look, so well-associated with the best of Norwegian and Swedish design, with our innovative, user-friendly technology ensures you the best in both style and efficiency.



Contemporary design is ever changing. It is a living, breathing style that transforms over time, in response to both the latest consumer trends as well as culture itself. How then, do you take something like the wood burning stove, an iconic feature of traditional and country style, and make it fit seamlessly into contemporary design?

Hunter Stoves’ Di Lusso range allows you to capture that warmth and comfort of a traditional stove, whilst conforming to the sleek, clean aesthetic that contemporary design is known for. The range includes inset stove models that sit flush to the wall, with a strong horizontal-vertical axis that make them an impressive feature in any room. The sleek lines and smooth finish are the perfect focal point for contemporary interior style. The innovative thinking behind the range has made it one of the most sought-after styles and alongside its modern, DEFRA approved technology, it offers that all-important stand out piece for contemporary living. 


Di Lusso R6



Wood burning stoves epitomise traditional interior design style, be that in an elegant Georgian sitting room or a cosy country cottage. It is a timeless style that exemplifies elegance, comfort and finer details. Symmetry is paramount in this style, and a wood burning stove offers that all-important focal point.

The Avalon range is the perfect addition for a classic living space. All the stoves in the range are DEFRA approved (meaning they can be installed in smoke-controlled areas) and feature the latest cleanburn technology, which lowers emissions and allows for greater performance. They ooze sophistication and look right at home positioned within a grand fireplace, or freestanding. 


Avalon 8 Slimline


Whatever the style you’re looking for, we guarantee you’ll find something you love in one of our ranges. Check out all the stoves we offer here, and follow us on Instagram for some on-trend home design inspiration.

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