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A One-Stop Resource for a Eco-friendly Lifestyle

A One-Stop Resource for a Eco-friendly Lifestyle

As the effects of global warming become increasingly visible, people are left wondering how regular citizens can help slow, and hopefully reverse, climate change. The OneHome Positive Solutions website—website that was founded by environmental scientist Angela Terry, and officially launched this morning—is a hub of positive solutions and independent, impartial advice, intended to assist anyone that wants to lead a sustainable lifestyle and take concrete steps to help stop climate change.


 Although government policy and international agreements like The Paris Agreement, play a major role in setting the framework to be followed by countries and industries to halt climate change, there are no set guidelines for how individuals can contribute. The role of the individual in tackling significant global problems is greatly undervalued, especially by the individuals themselves. The popular African Proverb, “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito,” comes to mind, and is a great reminder of the power of one. The OneHome website, whose title reminds us of the fact that the world is home to every human being, provides easy-to-follow recommendations, and is built to serve as a guide to eco-conscious lifestyle choices that protect your wallet as you protect the planet.


The website is set up as a compilation of informative and extensively researched guide-shaped articles, that cover everything from “Fantastic Reasons to Buy an Electric Car,” to the “Nine Benefits of Buying Local, Seasonal and Sustainable Food;” with even “Green Gardening” thrown into the mix for good measure. The website also contains a community portal section where people are encouraged to reach out to other people and discover what is already being done in their area.


If you have ever wondered how you can make your house warmer in the winter, about the benefits of solar panels, about what wood stove to purchase, or how to reduce your energy bills, you will find the answer to all those questions on OneHome. This sustainable living hub provides the tools we all need to protect our planet and to take proactive action against climate change.


Check out The OneHome Positive Solutions website to find out how being "eco" can benifit you, and the planet.



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